Breinify closes a deal with one of the nation's largest restaurant franchises in just 3 months
Thanks to Swarmsales, Breinify will be providing 500 franchise locations with artificial intelligence data to help them increase sales. Here’s how it happened.
"Swarmsales has been an incredible resource for us. Within a week we could see doors opening for us that we had no way to access before.."
Diane Keng
CEO, Keng
Finding their AI a home
Diane Keng, CEO of Breinify, was fully armed with a team of data scientists and artificial intelligence experts who had helped her bring her vision to life. Together, they built Breinify’s cloud-based, time-driven engine-powered artificial intelligence. This AI has one purpose; to increase sales for retail brands and on demand apps by discovering hidden patterns in their corporate data.
Bypassing Sales Minutia
​​Keng found it incredibly frustrating to break into target accounts and get the attention of decision makers. Spending time sending out cold emails, trying to connect via LinkedIn, and attempting to set meetings with decision makers proved to be a time-consuming and rarely successful task. As a result of this frustration, Breinify joined Swarmsales. Almost immediately, Keng was getting engagements from sales professionals who already had relationships with decision-makers at her target companies.
Big Win. Low Cost.
Breinify engaged with several sales professionals via Swarmsales. Through this process, Keng chose which sales professionals she wanted to move forward with and paid only for completed milestones such as completed intros and demos. This kept her cost well below what it would have cost for her to hire and train sales representatives. Her total investment before closing her contract with a Major National Pizza company was $1,000.
The Story
Scaling Sales Professionals on demand.
​​“One of my favorite things about Swarmsales is that I can scale up or down as needed week to week. Rolling out sales professionals in new verticals or geographical areas has no additional costs. Considering how much time and investment it would take to do this with an internal sales team, there’s absolutely no comparison. Swarmsales truly is the future of sales.”
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