Frequently Asked Questions

01. Why should I use SwarmSales to drive my sales objectives?

With SwarmSales, companies can target specific accounts and engage only with account experts that are compensated for completing measurable goals and closing deals. If Sales Professionals don’t deliver results, they are not paid. Plus, SwarmSales allows your company to meet sales objectives without the overhead costs of base salary, benefits or other costs that eat into the profitability of each sale - while massively increasing the velocity of sales by choosing to work with experts with existing relationships in target accounts. SwarmSales allows for a range of options to leverage our sellers to build pipeline and secure deals, from lead generation to close.

02. How is SwarmSales verifying the sales professional’s track record prior to onboarding them?

We interview each sales professional in depth prior to accepting them on the platform, including questions that vet their tenure, drive, ethics and relationships to drive deals for your company. This information is confirmed through research of their work history.

03. How does SwarmSales ensure that Sales Professionals learn the products/services they are going to sell?

Our goal at SwarmSales is that Sales Professionals on our platform will understand the accounts they are selling into at an equivalent or higher level than your in-house team. Your company will provide assets such as videos, white papers, success stories, battle cards and even email templates to assist the sales professional in getting ramped up and in the door with your company as quickly as possible. Our Sales Professionals’ core function is to be account experts and not necessarily product experts.

04. We have an in-house sales team. How would our employees work with SwarmSales Sales Professionals?

That’s great! Sales Professionals on our marketplace will help your employees meet team/company sales targets. Among other means of support, your employees can support SwarmSales professionals with presentations and act as a resource for prospect questions that requires deep technical expertise or working through internal channels.

05. How do Companies engage with Sales Professionals on the SwarmSales platform?

Companies first complete an efficient on-boarding process that includes creating their company profile and launching sales campaigns to inform Sales Professionals about the opportunities they are trying to engage in.

As part of creating the company profile, SwarmSales will request the following assets to support the Sales Professional's’ success:

Sales deck(s)
Use cases for your products/services
Price List
Success Stories
White Papers
Battle Cards
E-mail templates to engage customers

Companies may also explore the accounts covered by Sales Professionals on SwarmSales, and suggest those of interest. We will then engage Sales Professionals to connect with companies for an initial call in which they can identify potential opportunities to break into accounts together. The Sales Professional’s identity is not revealed until they accept to engage with the vendor company that wants to tap into their account.

06. What types of companies are we accepting on the SwarmSales marketplace?

We’re currently accepting companies in the SaaS/Software space, with six categories of specific interest: Analytics, Cloud, Industry Solutions, Mobile, Security and Social.

If your company is a SaaS or Software business but does not fit in any of these categories, we will evaluate adding your firm based on fit for our Sales Professional Community.

07. Will Sales Professionals only engage with companies on the marketplace based on the accounts targeted?

Sales Professionals review all the active Sales Campaigns that companies have published. They may suggest that they engage a company with accounts they have relationships with outside of the original set of targets. It is up to the company on the marketplace to decide if they want to accept or decline a Sales Professional's request to engage with them for the account the sales professional recommended.

08. How much do Companies have to pay Sales Professionals per engagement?

Sales Professionals will submit “opportunities” to engage a company on the SwarmSales platform. Once the opportunity is accepted,, it becomes an Active Opportunity. An online escrow account is created with BrainTree to track the completion of four milestones that are very unique to SaaS/Software businesses:Introduction, Demo, Pilot and Close.

Introduction: The Sales Professional must coordinate and complete an 
introductory meeting between the Company and the target account in order to verify that the sales opportunity is valid. In order for an introductory meeting to be considered completed without the Company representative's presence, this must be approved in writing by the Company prior to the meeting.
Demo: The sales team and Company have completed a demonstration of the product/service to the target account.

Pilot: A scenario has been identified by target account to test Company’s product/service.

Close: Purchase order or Commitment (in writing) has been received from target account

As milestones are completed, the Sales Professional must submit a request for payment on our platform for completion. The vendor Company will release the payment based on confirmation of achievement.

If the opportunity does not progress all the way to the “Won” stage, it can be cancelled by the Sales Professional by withdrawing it, or by the Company if the sales professional does not deliver that milestone prior to its expiration date.

If the opportunity is won, the Sales Professional will also collect commission payments, as the Company is paid based on the Total Contract Value of the deal closed. Commission payments are pre-negotiated by SwarmSales and the hiring company during the onboarding process, and published in the Recommended Campaigns section.

The “Net Commission” posted on the “Recommended Campaigns” tab is the actual commission that the Sales Professional will be paid directly. Any taxes owed by the Sales Professional are the Sales Professional’s responsibility; SwarmSales will not withhold taxes.

01. Why should I join SwarmSales?

In an ideal world for Sales Professionals, you can pick the accounts you sell into and you know them inside out because you have trusted relationships and have sold into them before. Your accounts don’t go away and commission rates are high. You have unlimited products to sell and you can select what you sell into each account based on their business needs.

02. What type of Sales Professional should join SwarmSales?

If you have proven experience selling technology-based solutions into the Enterprise, then you should submit your profile to SwarmSales. If you are accepted as a SwarmSales Sales Professional, you’ll have the independence to decide what you want to sell and forget the capped earnings or unreachable quotas. We’ve also pre-negotiated great commission rates with each of the companies on our marketplace and take care of collecting the milestone payments and commissions from the company to allow you to focus on what you do best: sell.

03. How much can I expect to make on the SwarmSales platform?

It’s up to you! There’s a range of options to fit your financial and lifestyle objectives. If you want to sell entirely on our platform,engage with multiple Companies to connect them into your accounts, the rewards can be significant. If you just want to do a few deals per year to supplement your income, that’s fine - there’s no threshold annual sales requirement to remain on the platform.

04. How does a Sales Professional earn money on SwarmSales?

A Sales Professional earns money by progressing milestones to completion and closing deals for the vendor companies with their target accounts.

SwarmSales has a provisional patent on a “milestone-based process” by which companies will compensate Sales Professionals. For every engagement between a Company and a Sales Professional, four milestones must be completed before a deal is closed. The 4 milestones are the following:

Introduction: The Sales Professional must coordinate and complete an 
introductory meeting between the Company and the target account in order to verify that the sales opportunity is valid. In order for an introductory meeting to be considered completed without the Company representative's presence, this must be approved in writing by the Company prior to the meeting.
Demo: The sales team and Company have completed a demonstration of the product/service to the target account.

Pilot: A scenario has been identified by target account to test Company’s product/service.

Close: Purchase order or Commitment (in writing) has been received from target account

SwarmSales partners with BrainTree (a PayPal company) to process payments from companies.We secure the milestone payments as soon as each engagement begins. When a milestone is completed, the Sales Professional and the Company have to sign-off electronically on the SwarmSales platform. The payment is pulled out of escrow and goes straight to your account. SwarmSales does not store your banking information.

05. How much does a Sales Professional earn with SwarmSales?

A sales professional on SwarmSales will be compensated in two ways:

Milestone payments: These are typically $250 per milestone and could be higher depending on our agreement with the company that engages you but it is all pre-negotiated when the vendor companies are on-boarded to our platform.
Commission at close of a deal: The commission structure is pre-negotiated with each company when we on-board them and will be published in our platform for the Sales Professional to see prior to engaging in any opportunity with a company.

06. How am I paid as a Sales Professional on SwarmSales?

Your milestone payments for completing each of the 4 stages are deposited into your bank account automatically after you and the vendor company approve each of the stages electronically via SwarmSales. Payments are managed by Braintree and typically take no more than 24 hours to show up in your bank account.

Commission Payments once a deal is closed are deposited into your bank account within 24 hours of received by SwarmSales.

07. Does the Sales Professional communicate to the company we’re engaged in selling to as my employee or as a SwarmSales employee?

Think of the Sales professional that you engage with through SwarmSales as an Independent Sales Professional with:

the relationships at the account you’re trying to get into.
the experience selling solutions in your space.
the business acumen to drive deals from start to close.

This individual is introducing you to your target company because he or she knows that your product/service can solve a real business problem that this customer has and that your company can solve with it’s product or service.

08. Can companies find Sales Professionals on the SwarmSales platform?

No they can not. The only way a Sales Professional’s identity is revealed to a company is if and when the Sales Professional submits a bid to engage a company into one of their accounts. Otherwise there is no way for a company to know what sales professionals are or are not in our platform. If you as a SwarmSales Sales Professional wish to update any Social Network to reveal that you are on our platform, we suggest that you clarify that you are a Self Employed Sales Professional on SwarmSales.

09. Should I use my personal email to communicate with Companies I am representing through the SwarmSales platform?

We have an email platform under the domain . If you wish to have us create your email address as please email us at and we will generate your email account in 24 hours. This should enable you to look professional with your clients and also clarify that you are a “Channel Sales Professional” that is independently representing each of the companies you select to work with.

10. Will I be given Leads?

No leads are provided. You as a Sales Professional are expected to bring forward your accounts that you’ve sold into and in which you have relationships in order to break into them fast. It’s all about relationships and “Account Based Selling” these days.

11. How do I know that another Sales Professional will not want to claim the opportunity that I submitted to the company I’m trying to engage.

In order to engage a vendor company with one of your accounts via SwarmSales, you must submit an opportunity to them that they can either accept or decline. Once your opportunity is accepted and the engagement is kicked off, your opportunity is recorded in our platform and no other sales person can claim that opportunity with the same account.

12. What support and help is available to Sales Professionals?.

Sales coaches are available to support you along the way, and a full set of training material and resources can be accessed on our platform at any time. You will also be connected with executives and/or founders of each of the vendor companies prior to engaging with them in your first opportunity to ensure you can get an overview of their solution and get answers to all your questions prior to going to market together.

13. Will I be an employee of SwarmSales or any of the vendor companies on the platform?

No, You are an Independent Sales Professional and will be paid as an Independent Contractor.

14. Where can I find your Terms of Service?

Our terms are right here: Terms of use of the Service